Monday, September 3, 2012

Guy Clark: Profiles from the Illustrations

Guy Clark, 2012. By Travis Simpkins

     Guy Clark is, quite simply, an Icon in Folk and Country music. His website nicely states, "Songwriting legend Guy Clark doesn't merely compose songs; he projects images and characters with the kind of hands-on care and respect of a literary master. Clark works slowly and with strict attention to detail, and has produced an impressive collection of timeless gems, leaving very little waste behind. The emotional level of his work, as well as the admiration and esteem of his peers, consistently transcends sales figures and musical genres. Using everyday language to construct extraordinary songs for more than 35 years, Clark continues to be the type of songwriter whom young artists study and seasoned writers, as well discriminating listeners, revere." Fore a more complete biography, read on here: .

Guy Clark- "L.A. Freeway"
Guy Clark- "Desperadoes Waiting for a Train"
Guy Clark- "Magdalene"
Interview with Guy Clark
Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt
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